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Van Horsten Property Holdings

No matter how challenging or what the size of the project, at VHP we pride ourselves on the fact that we build safe, quality homes for our projects.

VHP Holdings has embraced their social responsibilities and are not solely focused on maximising profits. Social responsibility entails developing businesses and people with a positive relationship to the society which they operate in…….read more

  • Earthworks
  • Community Relocation to temporary shelters
  • Low cost housing
  • Retrofit
  • Renewal Energy……read more

The Future of Renewable Energy for All.¬†Create awareness of global warming and climate change within communities and the benefits of going……read more

Graduates of solar and plumbing course in Mfuleni

A group of young people...
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VHP proud of Suraya’s Achievements

VHP proud of...
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First Runner Up!

First Runner Up! First Runner...
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Empowering Youths

Empowering Youths Empowering...
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Bardale Housing Project

Bardale Housing Project Award...
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